When, we decided to visit France one of the key points is to know what options exist in this country to move from one place to another in a safe and comfortable way. France, is characterized by having in almost all its cities several options of public transportation such as trains and buses that allow the population to travel with relatively affordable costs, in the cities where there are more people this transports tend to have high demand, if you need a more environmentally friendly alternative you can choose the bicycle rental service, but there is no doubt that among this range of options the most popular is the taxi service, or the rental of a vehicle where users evaluate factors such as safety, comfort, and speed when moving. Which option is the best will not only depend on what we need but also on the budget we have. Taxi services in France are a very safe alternative in addition to providing greater comfort to users when it comes to moving, because the drivers of these units know in detail the best routes that exist in the city and they are able to try to escape a bit of the traffic that is presents in big cities like Paris. For these services, a series of regulations are handled, such as the fact that only three people are allowed to use the taxi, even if they have space for four people, although there is also a surcharge that can be paid only if it is necessary to transport a fourth person in the same unit with an approximate cost of 4 euros. In Paris, taxis travel almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these are usually recognized by the luminous sign located on the top of the vehicle, and in this very congested city it is difficult to take a taxi during peak hours. Where the most known lines are Paris Taxi, Taxis 75, Taxis G7, Les Taxis Bleus and City Cab Paris, the costs or fees are regulated according to the time and day of the week, that mean that the rate will vary according the three types of models under parameters A, B, C. Rate A is established from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm is 1.70 euros price/km, rate B is handled from Monday to Saturday between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm with a price of 1.29 euros price/km and the corresponding C rate for Sunday with a price of 1.56 euros price/km; These rates are the same for any type of conventional taxi line. All taxi units must have a taximeter that measures the price of the service based on the distance traveled. According to the opinions of the users, it is said that taking a taxi is the most convenient way to get around, more if you are a tourist, and you do not know the city.

When we talk about the quality of service offered by the different taxi companies, we find divided opinions. According to comments from some users of the most popular companies, they testify that these do not comply with the scheduled rates and there are occasions where they have requested a service, and the unit never arrives to the pick-up point. In addition to mention that the behavior of the driver with the customer is not the most proper, for example a German tourist who was going to the airport commented that the taxi driver who asked was very disrespectful with him and also did not help with luggage, reason for which he said that he would never request a taxi with that taxi company again. Not only there are comments of bad experiences, there are good opinions too like one expressed by a group of Swedish tourists that affirmed that the taxi service was wonderful, the driver that took them to the airport was punctual and kind throughout the trip, so when they visit Paris again the will request a  taxi service with company. To try to handle the high costs in the tariffs, the option of taking shared taxis is set as a practical measure where the driver of the unit receives two or more passengers who travel to the same place of destination, and the price is regulated by telephone when is requested the service. The taxi company that offers this kind of options is G7 and is very used in Paris by students, workers, or tourists who look for more accessible rates. To mobilize also has the VTCs service that are tourism vehicles with a driver, this kind of services are requested through mobile applications where the client indicates the route of travel, number of passengers, whether or not it carries luggage as well as time and date of the service, based on that information the driver that has the closest location to the pick-up point is assigned to the service with this the waiting time and costs in the rates are reduced.

Exist also the reservations of the service, however, this point in some cases is not so helpful that is sounds, due the high demand in pick hours, which is why at the time of requesting a service, the units are may not be available or can be delayed to reach the site where the client is located. Some customers who have made reservations say that the taxi driver do not answer the call or that in the reservation was assigned a unit, and it never arrived; besides, when the client request some explanations for the service cancellation the taxi company doesn’t provide any. Customer service has been another point where there have been constant complaints from users since according to comment the treatment that the operator and the driver have for the customer is not the most appropriate, for example, a businessman who went to a business meeting commented: “I requested a taxi reservation service and the driver never arrived at the place where I was, for that reason I was late for my meeting, which caused me big problems in my work” after that he affirmed that he would not ask for a taxi reservation again, instead, he will take a taxi directly on the street. It also handles the option of exclusive taxi services if you want to travel in elegant vehicles, where you have drinks, Wifi, cell phone chargers and other facilities, and most important, if you have the budget to pay it, you will live an entire, unique, and different way to know the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Avenue des Champs Elysees on board of a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or Jaguar, enjoying the beautiful scenery. The hiring of these exclusive services can be done through digital applications or by telephone reservations the modality that is most accessible to the user in addition to providing various forms of payment.

This service has been described as excellent based on the opinions of its users, according to comments from a Chinese entrepreneur who contracted this type of service to travel to a business meeting, said that his trip was of high quality, the driver of the vehicle was very educated, punctual and respectful, he had any issue and the trip was very comfortable in all time. For, this reason he expressed:  “I affirm that every time I have to return to Paris I will use this type of services, since they provide quality and privacy, factors that are important for me that I am a business man with a very tight schedule”. Another of the alternatives that can be used to mobilize is the rental of a vehicle, where you should consider how serious the pros and cons of taking this option. First of all when you rent a vehicle no one will tell you where to go or which route to take, you are the only one responsible for arriving on time to the place of destination without delay, the rate when you rent a car is established per day, this give you the freedom to go wherever you want at the time you want and the scheduled rate will be the same, the maintenance of the vehicle is responsibility of the company that offers the service, not of the person who rents, in addition when you rent a cat you can select the best car model that satisfy your need during your trip. But you have to take into account the regulations of traffic in France, if you choose this alternative you should know that in France to handle any type of vehicle you must have a permit conferred by the European Union in addition to being over 21 years of age to rent a vehicle, where an additional adjustment to the cost of the rental service will be designated for being a driver under 25 years of age. It is also necessary to know the traffic regulations, such as the use of the safety belt which is mandatory in both the front of the vehicle, and the back side of it, it is necessary to have a fluorescent safety vest or a warning triangle in the trunk of the vehicle, the use of mobile phones is prohibited when driving. When, parking on public roads you should know that it is regulated, which means that if you do not comply with the rate determined by the French municipality you will have to pay a fine with a cost that can reach up to 60 euros. The speed limits established in France are the following, if they are in the city is 50 km an hour, and 130 km an hour on speedways. If for any reason a traffic infraction is committed, it must be paid instantly, it can be paid in cash as in traveler’s checks, depending on the options available to you at that moment.

There is another important factor that you should evaluate when you rent a car and that is the cost of fuel, which can greatly increase the value of the rental service, as well as considering the fact that if there is any deterioration in the body or system of the vehicle the company will charge a fine for damages and repair of the rented vehicle. The comments of the users of car rental are divided among the stands out that of a Canadian tourist who said that, he does not recommend anyone to trip in their own vehicle to move to the center of Paris because there is a lot of traffic, never got a place to park, and at the end with the addition of the cost of fuel and parking the price increased a lot, he said: “I could have taken a taxi and I would have enjoyed my stay in the city; a very different situation was expressed from by another tourist but from Barcelona, ​​Spain where he expressed:  “I can recommend that this was a wonderful option since for the daily rate I could go anywhere, without being aware of the time, nor day, as well as the quantity of people that I can take into the car, for me these are factors that must be considered when taking a taxi because it raises the cost, and I was traveling in a group of 5 people, that is why I preferred to rent a vehicle and be able to know the city at my time. If you decide to know this country, it is best to study all the transportation alternatives that are public or private, because taking the wrong option can make the holidays in this beautiful country become a total nightmare, either because it does not let’s know which routes to take or because we exceed the budget that we had set for the trip.France is full of options you must find the one that suits your pocket and needs, if you are looking for economy you can opt for public transport since it has a wide network of trains and buses, if on the contrary you are looking for comfort and safety you can choose the alternative to take a taxi, if you need something exclusive that gives you a whole travel experience you can hire a taxi service with luxury vehicles, if you want freedom to go where you want to when you want you can rent a vehicle, as long as you comply with all the traffic regulations that are established in this country, only you decide the best.